Coral Seas Mermaid Monofin

Coral Seas Mermaid Tails come with monofins inside.

To put on monofin, slide feet into footholders (like socks, they should be tight).  Then pull straps around heels.

Notes about our monofin:

1.  Flexes but doesn't break without extraordinary effort/abuse.

2.  Super easy to swim in.  Aids propulsion

3.  Break-resistant material

4.  Comfortable

5.  Does not fall off while swimming

Removing and Re-inserting Monofin into tails.

1.  Reach into tail and fold fin

2.  Peel tailskin off

1.  Fold fin side to side.

2.  Slide into tailskin, guiding one fintip into each side of tailskin tailfin.